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Resort wear Trends 2022

Resort wear Trends 2022

We've seen the first glimpses of what we'll be wearing in 2022, and we can hardly contain our excitement.

With the world opening up and the travel industry booming again, resort wear has emerged as a prominent fashion domain that consumers are looking forward to indulging in.

To celebrate this evolution, we've taken a look at how resort wear will evolve over the next year.

The key to success in fashion is consistency, and while resorts may have their own distinct styles, they all tend to share certain trends in complimenting fashion through its silhouettes, design, and color.

Six trends that will appear in resort wear this year:

1. Goddess dressing

Trends evolve on the go... shifting with each season... and sometimes, a complete curveball disrupts the status quo. You can’t get any further from a tracksuit than a divine chiffon gown, complete with Grecian-inspired draping (literally, at Dior, they staged their show at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.)
Spotted at Dior, Alberta Ferretti, and Huishan Zhang

2. Laced Up

The lace trend has been around forever, but the pieces are shining this season. Designers sent lace pieces down the runway, giving off a romantic, beautiful vacay vibe that oozes pristine beauty. This lacework, known in English as cutwork, is handcrafted with embroidery and then delicately cut off the fabric pieces to reveal an exquisite embroidery pattern.
Spotted at Uluwatu Balinese Lace, Ralph Lauren, The Row, and Versace

3. Lighten Up

The summer light is precious this year—it's suddenly all about the bright, beautiful, and light fabrics. Resort wear is a diverse category that can include everything from cotton to silk, but it all goes back to one thing- lightweight fluidity.

Spotted at Alberta Ferretti, DKNY, and Armani

4. Retro Twist

The retro trend is a bit of an overused term these days, but that's because it's so true. Resort-style is a mix of classic pieces with a modern glaze, and it's not hard to see why resort looks are so coveted.

Spotted at Dior (who did a retro look on the runway last season), Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Sofia Schloss, Lanvin, and Hervé Léger

5. Timeless Pieces

This is a tough one because resort looks are constantly evolving with new designs, but there's something timeless about them—they're classic and freshly updated. Many designers have been sending pieces down the runway that are not only timeless but also wearable year-round (like the jacket above).
Spotted at Alberta Ferretti, Lanvin, and Anna Karenina

6. Statement Prints

An easy way to elevate a Resort look is with bold, statement-making prints; the latest print trends find a place in fluidic fashion pieces besides timeless print themes like eclectic flora & tropical fauna prints.

Spotted at Matthew Williamson and Chanel

You're sure to look chic and stylish this summer at the beach with these hot & trendy resort-style must-haves.

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  • yvonne chu

    looking for luxury lace dress in bali. kindly recommend

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