About Us

Uluwatu - Handmade Balinese Lace presents something very special from the the island of Bali. In this lush green paradise that has been called "The Morning of the World", that the Balinese themselves call "The Island of the Gods", it seems there is nothing that cannot become a canvas for an artist's imagination.

The Island of the Gods - Because in Bali artistic ability is not regarded as a rare talent. Children learn their skills sitting at their parents' knee, absorbing the techniques while watching painters as they paint, listening to musicians as they play. Artistic expression becomes part of life.

For over 30 years Uluwatu has drawn upon these natural skills to produce lace of a unique quality.

Balinese krawang - This lace work, known in English as cutwork, is called krawang in Balinese. Uluwatu krawang is made in the traditional way. Lace is stretched on bamboo hoops and sewn by hand on foot-powered machines identical to the old Singer machines now seen only as antiques in the rest of the world.

Art Work - The thread is carefully built up layer upon layer as the hoop moves back and forth. The empty areas of the lace are delicately cut away with sharp little scissors while the loose edges are caught and bound up by the whirring needle. A single item may take five or more days to complete and the end result is a work of art.

Craftsmanship - It is not just the craftsmanship but also the styling that sets Uluwatu apart. Resort and casual wear, nightwear, bed and table linens - modern international styling with our unique quality krawang. When in Bali, please visit our shops. We would like to show you what we make and how we make it.