Shipping Policy

Yes, its a small world. We believe everyone who visits Bali lives in our backyard. We will delivery with love to anywhere you live. The delivery guys should reach there.

Its not our call. Shipping & courier company have their own price charts to independent decide what it costs to take things around. We make it simpler with two options : Express & Normal. The express delivery should touch base anywhere between 24 Hours to 2 days. On the other hand the normal delivery takes between 5 to 15 days.

We try to keep it simple with two charges : Express & Normal. Just for your info, all shippings are done by weight or Volume. Sometimes both.

Of course you can. You will get an email with the Airway Bill number to track the package(s). We would like to see the glint in your eyes, every time you click the tracking number. We wish we just reach you in a blink. Maybe in near future something like that happens. Yes

Ahh! That’s the hocus-focus of government and international trade controlling agencies. Customs duty is a kind of indirect tax which is levied on the import and export of goods of international trade. Duties levied by the government in relation to imported items is referred to as import duty. The custom duty charges are decided, solely by the local government of the receiver. The weight of the package, the value and the dimensions or other criteria, play a role in determining the custom duty/ local taxes/ VAT on the package.

You will never get the package till you pay the duties. Custom duty charges/ VAT/ Import duty, are solely under the discretion of your governments and as a seller, we have no control over the same. Your country's Import Rules and Regulations play a vital role in determining the Custom duties/ VAT/ Import duties etc.

We just do not know what will be the charges. There is no way we could pay it on your behalf. Every country has its own method of calculation. As Custom duties are solely under the discretion of the local government, it is very tough to predict the occurrence. Its the local government that decides the custom duties and any other taxes at the destination and as a seller, we have no control over the same.

These are basically two different things. The shipping charges that we collect is the freight charges. This is the cost of shipping the product from our warehouse to your delivery address. The custom duties/ VAT is not part of the shipping charges that we collect and is usually decided only by your local government.

Also even if we declare it as a gift, the perceived value of the goods is taken into consideration when the VAT is applied. We wish we could do that, but it would put us in real trouble, even if we could. We abide by the law of the land and it is legally not permitted to do so.

This is no longer a problem. The courier companies do leave a collect note or message you in your contact number of delivery timing. You would be sent the tracking details of the courier within 24 hours of shipment. You could contact your local courier office and schedule a delivery based on your convenience and availability.

Of course we would love to do anything you say. Just make sure you tell us in-time. Maybe immediately after you place your order. Advise on email is best. We shall try our level best to accommodate within the possibility. In case there is an inconvenience we will inform you.

Only the best. We use only the reliable services. Getting you happier is important to us.