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Essence of Bali

Essence of Bali

Bali a mystical and culturally rich island, is one of the most visited tourist hotbeds in Asia. First inhabited around 2000 B.C., Bali’s cultural roots run deep with an enchanting mix of spirituality, hospitality, heritage, food & art. Below, we’ve rounded up a few key things to know about the essence of the island justifiably known as “The Island of the Gods.” You'll be able to leave Bali with more than just great pictures; you'll be able to take back a lifetime of memories. Here's some facts you need to know about the Bali heritage:


Balinese people follow a form of Hinduism known as Agama Hindu Dharma.
Bali is home to a large population of Balinese Hindus, making up more than 70% of the island's population. As such, many Balinese Hindus still see their religion as a major part of their culture and identity. Hinduism is often described as being one of the oldest religions in existence, dating back to around 2000 B.C., with its origins in India. An important belief of Balinese Hinduism is that elements of Mother Nature are influenced by spirit.


BA rich lineage of Art & Craft is an important part of the Balinese Culture & Heritage.
Bali Art narrates a rich and varied selection of art produced since centuries in Bali. There is no place in earth with such a high density of artisans and craftsmen as in Bali. You name it and you can find it here – woodcarving, stone carving, silver and gold smiths, embroidery and surface ornamentation, basket weavers, terracotta and ceramics, full range of handicrafts. There are many stores and outlets to explore and indulge in the traditional art forms, a must visit heritage store is Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace-An iconic fashion landmark from Bali which makes fine fashion since 1978. It narrates a journey of making exceptional crafted products with the traditional craft of Bali. The Balinese believe that all art and craft is a form of worship.


Balinese Cuisine is known for its Spicy Flavors.
Balis cuisine features a wide variety of delicious dishes that feature traditional Balinese spices, herbs and ingredients. There is no hard-and-fast rule about what makes up an authentic Bali dish; each recipe is made up of a combination of the three Balinese elements: rice, meat and vegetable. The most popular dishes are Saté Ayam (fried chicken), Gado-Gado (vegetables with peanut sauce) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice).


The famous Balinese dance and music performances are performed through the year to celebrate vital life events in Bali's culture.
Balinese dance is an ancient dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people of Bali island. The dance is often performed by both the Balinese women and men in ceremonies, festivals, parties or other special occasions. In addition to their own traditional dances, Balinese also perform folk music and lagu-lagu (music) with the instruments of their own culture. It features a wide range of traditional and modern performances from dance to music, drama and arts.


The Traditional and Sacred Architecture in Bali is Unique as it has a Simple yet Intricate design.
The two most distinctive features of Balinese architecture are the use of planter roofs and open-air staircases. The planter roof of the Balinese house is made up a series of wooden or bamboo planters, which are constructed in such a way that all the vegetable and fruit plants within the structure are able to be harvested from the roof. The open-air staircase is a circular stairway that has been constructed without any surrounding walls or supports and is often used in religious ceremonies and festivals.


The People of Bali Are Very Friendly & Easy Going.
The Balinese take great pride in their hospitality towards foreigners, and are very welcoming to tourists. Even if you're not a tourist, locals will still be happy to practice their Balinese hospitality and help out. Balinese believe in karma, which is understood as a result of physical and spiritual activity of each individual. What you give is what you get. You bring your karma from your past life into the present life and will take karma from this life to your future one - your next reincarnation. It’s a rooted in their traditional practice which forms an integral part of their hospitality.


Bali Is One of the Most Beautiful Islands In The World.
Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. The island's tropical beauty and its diversity of cultures, languages, customs and religions make it a contemporary tourist destination with so much to offer both locals and tourists. The island boasts beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes, ancient temples and monuments that have been a part of Balinese life for hundreds of years.

Bali is a paradise to be experienced because of the essence of its spiritual energy, its people, art forms, along with amazing beaches where you can relax and enjoy the ocean. I hope this helps you to experience the vibrant charm of Bali.

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