Azalea Kebaya

Rp 1.995.000
Uluwatulace takes the signature of kebaya many notches up with Azalea, that only handmade lace craft can do. The fine creativity of our Balinese crafts tradition are amplified in this exclusive outfit. Its fine laces is going to make this prized possession in your wardrobe. Own it at this amazing price.

Measurement (in Cm)

Size : Chest Width x Waist Width x Length
XS : 87 x 71 x 60 Cm
S : 92 x 76 x 62 Cm
M : 96 x 80 x 64 Cm
L : 100 x 84 x 66 Cm
XL : 105 x 89 x 68 Cm
Color: White

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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