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Unveiling Bali Jewellery

Unveiling Bali Jewellery

How do you style jewellery to compliment yourself and your clothing? And how do you make best use of your jewellery collection without being boring? In today’s post, we’re going to share with you the most coveted pieces from Sunaka Jewellery, which we hope will inspire you to dress up your everyday look.

Here in Bali, we’re blessed with the rich Balinese and Indonesian cultures and beautiful traditions that are reflected in rituals and ceremonies and in all aspects of life including clothing, hairstyle, home decor, interiors, food and in the arts.

These breathtaking pieces by Sunaka Jewellery are inspired by Bali and Indonesia’s remarkable heritage. All exquisite pieces were designed to turn heads and add a touch of feminine sophistication and charm to the wearer.

Let’s take a look at a few of signature pieces.

Asoka Brooch

Balinese Jewellery Asoka BroochThis stunning piece was inspired by the traditional Balinese brooch, usually worn with the Balinese kebaya during ceremonies and weddings. It was named Asoka, after the Ashoka tree, a sacred symbol in Hinduism. The tree emits a unique and delicate fragrance at night, but only in April and May each year and is often associated with love and holiness. It is the perfect piece of jewellery for the woman in your life, or even as a gift for yourself. Wearing it will remind you of life’s subtle beauty and strength. Wear this brooch on the lapel of your suit, shirt, dress or your kebaya.

Anggrek Hairpiece

Balinese Jewellery Anggrek Hair Pieces

Anggrek - also known as Orchid - is a symbol of beauty and spiritual perfection. It is also a symbol of love, strength and grace. This beautiful and intricate piece is adapted from traditional Indonesian hair ornaments used by Indonesian ladies for centuries, for both aesthetic and functional purposes. This hairpiece is breathtaking, depicting pearly white orchids climbing on 14-carat gold vines. It is the most elegant and head-turning piece, one that would take anyone’s breath away. Wear it to any event whether formal or semi-formal and watch as all eyes are on you.

Anggrek Band Ring

Balinese Jewellery Anggrek Band Ring

What better way to remind yourself of your own strength, grace and beauty than with the lovely Anggrek Band Ring by Sunaka Jewellery? Gold plated with Sterling Silver 925, Shell, Amethyst & zircon stone, this gorgeous yet subtle piece will light a warm glow in your heart that will exude from the inside out. You will feel even more beautiful, confident and graceful. The Anggrek Band Ring will look amazing with any outfit. 

Get creative and express your innermost self with these stunning pieces by Sunaka Jewellery today. Browse through the latest collection now or send us a message for more information!

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