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Copyright Courtesy : Anantara Resort, Seminyak (Bali)

Sunsets In Bali

To tell a few good words or maybe a lot of good words for Bali, is a futile exercise of repetition. When tourist maps were being charted out, Bali turned out to be the flamboyant prince, whose charm has not ceased to enchant since.

Copyright Courtesy : Anantara Resort, Seminyak (Bali)

Bali continues to dominate the bucket list, generation after generation. Young couples in the 70s, came starry eyes to the pristine turquoise waters, terraced paddy fields, the temple complexes and the innumerable craft. The hippies were enchanted, so are the Millennial and the Gen Z and a few years down Gen Alpha. The common reasons are obviously the spiritual freedom. That was something I felt the moment I landed here a few months ago and got locked down through the pandemic. The other reasons are obviously the exotic. And the last reason could be maybe cheapness. All together they make a enchanting cocktail of reason. And who could resist that.

When we look at the creative, the laid back atmosphere has created an excellence which maybe was an extension of the village life's self-sustaining nature. The neat curves of the temple architecture complemented with the fine wood carvings and palm-leaf crafts.

The art was available, it found new expression. Here we come to our favourite subject : Fashion. While we could talk about the sarongs, kebaya and headgears, thats not what this is about. We will talk about an amalgamation of tradition with universal fashion. The tunics, dresses, jumpsuits et cetra. The fashion corners of the lanes in Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud or Sanur are all loaded with the acceptance of western fashion as a mainstream expression. While traditional outfits are revered and has a wonderful space in everyday life. Its a true enviable expression of world culture that dominates. Swimwear are every wear. Resortwear makes a bulk of the other. Simply because there's water and humidity of this tropical paradise makes it inevitable for comfort resort wear. 

Its the sunshine that gives a beautiful clarity to this here and now. The sunshine that makes the water mesmerising turquoise, the greens of paddy fields enchanting and the rainfalls a silver curtain. Nothing dampens an ancient spirit that has the sunshine dance life into this paradise. 

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