Ombak Segara Band Ring Sz 4 & 7

SKU: Ombak-R.059S4
Rp 450.000

Inspired by the ripples of the waves in the ocean of Segara in Kuta, Bali, Sunaka Jewelry launched a Bali collection jewelry of Ombak Segara. As represented by its name, this collection features the sensual and casual scrolling of waves, indicating a strong yet beautiful characteristic for each of the jewelry made.

The technique used to make this collection is traditional one called “Bun Jawan”, which denotes a combination of filigree and granulation methods, or in Balinese is called “Bun”. This typical technique is a special characteristic of the art of silver in Celuk Village, Bali.

Each of Sunaka Jewelry collection designs consists of earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, subeng, hair accessories, brosch, etc. with the same design. Wear each of the Ombak Segara Bali collection jewelry to show off the low-profile but sophisticated look.

Product Details

Avalable Size : US 4 / 7 

Color : Silver 

Material : 925 Sterling Silver


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