Daria Short


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This flap layered skirpant (skirt+pant) is as per our stylist the perfect match to our Rossana Top. Its front flap ends with a bow knot end, which is kind of sexy. An adaptation of the traditional costumes of the high Himalayan communities like Tibetan, Ladakhi or Nepalese, a signature Buddhist women style. We have give our touch of Balinese handcrafted lace embroidery, balancing the outfit to its beautiful playful appearance. Go out to the beach on a sunny afternoon. If not anything, we assure you'll surely create a million Instagram memories.

Measurement (in Cm)

Top : Sri Top , Magnolia

Size : Waist Width x Hip Width x Length
XS : 70 x 120 x 29 Cm
S : 75 x 125 x 30 Cm
M : 80 x 130 x 31 Cm
L : 85 x 135 x 32 Cm
XL : 90 x 140 x 33 Cm

Color: White

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