Sania Short

Rp 646.000

When comfort in your tropical outing is foremost in your mind, Sania shorts is something your need to grab. This ultra-soft shorts are contoured to shaped to the body and give the ultimate comfort. Made of soft imported Rayon, they have subtlety in lace embroidery detailing. Just the right amount to make it a first choice.

Measurement (in Centimeters)

Size : Waist Width x Hip Width x Length
XS : 70 x 98 x 27 Cm
S : 75 x 103 x 28 Cm
M : 80 x 108 x 29 Cm
L : 85 x 113 x 30 Cm
XL : 90 x 118 x 31 Cm

Color: WHITE

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