13 Ways To Do Wedding Dress Shopping and Place a Customized Order

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When the date is set for the big day, things can be overwhelming, ideas poured in from all over the place. Choosing a wedding dress- just one part of the whole wedding party- can put you under pressure. Every bride-to-be knows the feeling that the more you look up for a wedding dress design, the harder it’ll be to make up your mind. And when you do get the glimpse of your dream dress, the wedding dress shopping day can be another challenge. But no worries, it’ll worth it in the end! Here’s few things for you to consider in the pursuit of your dream dress : Discover your own style for wedding dress.

When you search for wedding dress, don’t limit yourself searching for a dress just because it’s somewhat become a trendy item. If a wedding dress make you feel the better version of you when wearing it, you find what suits you and create your own timeless style. Be focus which wedding dress silhouette that works best for you before going through small details.

Create your own wedding theme

This is really based on both you and your spouse, which theme works best for you. Be it a beach/ tropical wedding, boho to glam, vintage, romantic or even Disney-like or fairytale.

Booked an appointment and Consult your style with your fashion designer or fashion stylish.

Sooner the better since they might be booked by another anxious bride-to-be! And it also gives you enough time to tackle another part of your wedding day’ preparations.

Try it on

It takes time to find the love of your life, choosing the perfect dress for you takes time as well. The dress on hanger can look totally different when you put it in your body, possibly way better or way worse. So try it on, but not too many dresses at once. Pick early time when doing your shopping, since the boutique assistant just starting the day and will engaged more to assist you.

Avoid to bring loads of ‘supporters’, although it’s always good to share happiness with your loved ones. Shopping alone or just with your spouse might save you from different opinions chaos.

Ask questions to your boutique assistant when you try it on, and also to yourself, do you feel great with how you look, do you able to move around or even dance in it. It’ll be a long day, you need to feel comfortable at all time.

Decide the color ( off white or white), fabric chosen, and search accessories that goes with it

Color and fabric can affect your overall look, make sure it goes well with your skin tone and body type. Wedding dresses and accessories sales are usually final, so most likely it won’t be returnable.

Select the type of embroidery/Lace that suitable.

If you’re going into details, embroidery/ lace is what makes your dream dress stands out. Choose the one that makes you feel gorgeous wearing it or has some symbolic meaning behind it, the one that is very personal for you.

Confirm your chosen design and take body measurement.

After going through all the steps above you should be firm about your choice. Don’t worry too much when it’s time for taking body measurement. Wedding dress are 2-3 sizes larger than your regular size. Just focus on how it looks on you, not the size label.

The next 4 final steps will be : Step 1:

Place a 50% deposit for production.

Step 2:

Process sample order by the bridal boutique.

Step 3:

Fitting the toile/sample.

Step 4:

Proceed to the wedding dress production.


Fitting no 1See the fits for the first measurement.

Fitting no 2See the fits for halfway to finished.

Fitting no 1Last fitting to see the finished wedding dress

Pay the balance for the payment and pick up the dress.

Now that your dream dress finally materialized in your hands, focus your energy towards the big day to really nailed it. Keep calm and say I DO. Have fun and enjoy the once in a lifetime moment with your loved ones. Happy wedding!

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