Sweet Poplar Collection

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Sweet Poplar, Sweet Poplar; You have become golden.

Yesterday you were green, a wild green of glorious birds.

Today you are bedraggled; Under the August sky.

As I am beneath the sky; Of my red spirit.

By Federico Garcia Lorca (Translated from Spanish by Thomas P. Feeny)

Poplar or Populus trees, have unusual colour, spring catkins or fragrant foliage. Its part of the Salicaceae (Willow) family, native to North America, Europe & Asia. There are 35 different species of Poplars, which are segregated into three groups: Cottonwoods, Aspens, and Balsam poplars. Poplar trees are a tough species, steeped in history and mythology. Many a beautiful legends are always under the shadows of a poplar tree. We explore from many of those beautiful legends and mythology, a story of the princess who will live eternally in the spirit of every woman.

This Sweet Poplar Collection is inspired by the unique leaf lace pattern of the Sweet Poplar tree. Our signature Balinese handmade lace has this unique motif embalmed in all the designs. Sometimes prominent and at other times secretively positioned within the intricate creation. Its simple with an eye-catching silhouette. The leaf itself represents happiness, love, and growth, it journey from fresh green to the golden vermillion, replicates life in its million hues. Every hue has its time and grace. The transfer to the next is always an elevation that takes to an accomplishment. Surrendering to the seasons and allowing life to take its own course, we become a contented universal spirit. 

With its devout austerity to the colors of balance - white and black. Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace (U.H.B.L) brings to you another beautiful blessed symphony - the Sweet Poplar Collection. A memory that will be Balinese, with the everlasting fragrance of your last visit. Calling you again and again, because this is where your heart is. 

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