Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace - Online Store - Partnership


Uluwatu Lace is pleased to announce a new partnership that will  open new distribution channels in The United States and the Caribbean Islands.

The agreement has been established with Scott Rasmussen, who will guide you through the process of starting up of new wholesale accounts and distributorships, act as an intermediary for international orders and inquiries, as well as provide marketing materials and shipping information.  Scott will represent Uluwatu Lace in the United States and will liaise with us for all inquiries.

Uluwatu Lace is confident that this partnership will broaden our market in the US and make our products available to many more American customers.

Both parties agree that Uluwatu’s iconic lace garments are ideally suitable for the American market, and  welcome the chance to introduce the renown  Balinese traditional craftsmanship of our fine garments at an even broader International level.

For all business inquiries and initiates, please do not hesitate to contact Scott at scott4uluwatu@gmail.com