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  • Prices

All prices are Free on Board (FOB) Bali in US Dollars.

The prices quoted are for a limited time only. We apologize that because of the economic volatility in Indonesia, we must at times revise our prices. Some of our raw material expenses are priced in US dollars and some expenses are in Rupiah. With every change in the USD / Rp exchange rate or raw material supply, we are forced to recalculate our prices.

Therefore we will provide an initial quote and when you place an order, we must reconfirm to you whether our original prices are still valid. We will always try to hold prices to our original offer where possible, but please do not consider an order as final until we reconfirm to you.

When placing an order with Uluwatu the official order form must be used.

  • Standard Colors and Sizes
Unless we note otherwise, prices are for our standard range of colors and sizes.

Standard colors for rayon include white, black and cream. Standard colors for linen include white, black, natural. Ordering garments in the above colors of fabric may be subject to availability. Bare in mind that we are always striving to meet our customer demands, therefore please do not hesitate to ask if perhaps you are interested in using other colors and/or fabrics.

Standard sizes for items are S (small), M (medium) & L (large). Particular items are also made in P (petite / extra small), and/or R (extra large). While we prefer to supply items according to the standard sizes. We can consider producing additional sizes that may be subject to additional charges.

  • Order Quantity
Our standard wholesale order size is a minimum of 1000 pieces. However, if your operation is unable to order such a large quantity at one time, we will certainly try to accommodate your capability.

For items that we are currently producing, a minimum of 10 pieces per size, and per color of each style must be ordered. However, for items that are customer ordered (i.e. outside of regular Uluwatu production), a minimum of 30 pieces per size in each style and fabric must be ordered. Within those thirty pieces, three different colors may be ordered (i.e. 10pcs in White Linen, 10pcs in Black Linen and 10pcs in Natural Linen).

  • Production time for orders
Please be advised that lead-time for production of orders may vary, depending on season, etc. We would appreciate it if orders are placed in advance to ensure that we handle production of your order more efficiently.

  • Standard Packing
For our standard packing, each item is well ironed and folded, then sealed in an individual plastic bag. The bag size is 37cm X 30 cm, which leaves the garment front mostly without folds. The garments will require some re-ironing before they can be hung in the shop display.

Garments are packed into carton boxes, and the boxes are then wrapped with a sturdy woven plastic fabric. One carton box contains approximately 100 pcs of mixed products with an average weight of 40kg per box.

  • Special Requirements - subject to negotiation
Many of our customers have special requirements such as own labels, hangtags, sizing labels, washing instruction labels etc. These may be required in languages other than English. Other requirements may include special packing, sewing or specific / additional sizing requests. If any such requirements are needed please inform us well in advance as we will no be held responsible for shipping delays or extra charges caused by instructions which we receive after production has commenced.

These requirements should be clearly indicated on the official Uluwatu order form.

If we order special labels we must charge the entire cost of the label production because the manufacturers usually have a minimum order. We can return any unused labels to you or hold them for future production as per your instruction.

NB - Special requirements should only be applied to high volume orders.

  • Shipping
We can help you arrange shipping to anywhere in the world. We have relationships with experienced freight forwarders who will expedite your shipment. We deliver our goods completely packed to your chosen Bali based freight forwarder. Most of our customers prefer air shipment, as garments are of relatively high value, are light in weight, and are intended for a particular sales season, which makes the cost savings of slow shipment by sea questionable. However we can also arrange sea shipment from Surabaya - with an extra land-freight charge.

As previously mentioned, our prices are FOB Bali, but we can prepay your shipping in Bali which is less expensive than Collect on Delivery (COD) shipping. Then we can include the cost of the freight in the final balance as a Cost and Freight (CNF) total.

  • Shipping Documents
As requirements for shipping documentation varies from country to country, we would appreciate if you clearly indicate your requirements so that there is no unnecessary delay for the delivery of goods. A sample of the documentation should be forwarded to us so that we know exactly how you need us to complete the forms etc.

  • Payment
We request a 50% deposit when the order is placed. The remaining 50% of the payment must be paid upon completion of the order & prior to shipment. We can accept cash payment in Bali or a wire transfer to our bank account.

  • Other areas
Please advise us if you have any special invoicing, sales arrangements or commission requests upon placing the order.